Contribution 2019 / Kirchbeitrag 2019


For those Congregation Members who may not have been able to attend our last AGM report back and discussion your Church Committee would like to sincerely thank all Congregation Members and Friends who have diligently contributed last year. At the same time more volunteers are encouraged to partner with others that will help share the load of those already contributing. 

Background information

Our congregation’s car loan is to be paid up by November 2019. The 2018 advance car loan target planned for payments in 2019 totalled R3,070 was carried to 2019. In the 2018 year, R33,293 of the MTL Budgetary Target of R41,250 was achieved. The shortfall of (R7,957) has been carried over to 2019 and added to R41,250 to round off the target of R49,000. The 2019 Budgetary estimate of our 5 year Maintenance plan is R17,000. The total 2019 budgeted Belltower Projects is in the amount of R66,000 

Further details of AGM proposals from the floor

A letter to Congregation Members is being drafted to further outline and explain proposals made at the last AGM on creative ways to further partner to attain our 2019 Congregation’s budgetary targets.


The congregation’s Levy is paid to the Cape Church each month.

The recommended contribution perfamily is R500 per month, however, all contributions, small or large help towards  our commitment.

Please make your payments to the church by means of a deposit into the church’s bank account or via electronic fund transfer (EFT) and provide your  details under the reference section

Die Abgabe der Gemeinde wird jeden Monat an die Kapkirche gezahlt.

Der empfohlene Beitrag pro Familiebeträgt R 500 pro Monat, jedoch tragen alle kleinen oder großen Beiträge zu unserem Engagement bei.

Verwenden Sie bitte für Zahlungen an die Kirche das untenstehende Bankkonto (Einzahlungen am Schalter oder Überweisungen), als Referenz: Namen und Verwendungszweck angeben.

Our Church has to cover all expenditures by contributions, donations and income at events.

Contributions can be made either at the church, by means of a deposit into the church’s bank account or via electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Unsere Kirche muss alle Ausgaben durch Kirchbeiträge, Spenden und Einnahmen bei Veranstaltungen decken.
Zahlungen können entweder direkt in der Kirche oder via Bareinzahlung bzw. EFT auf unser Bankkonto erfolgen.

Bank Account:

Bank:                      First National Bank, Walmer Branch
Branch Code:       211217
Account Name:    Lutheran Church Springfield
Account Number: 534 200 32476

Please do not forget to provide your details under the
reference section.

Bitte geben Sie Ihren Namen und Verwendungszweck
als Referenz an.