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2nd Sunday 9:30
Last Sunday
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Open Door / Offene Tür

Why not join us on the last Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am in our Church Centre? We have lively discussions and share our problems over a cup of tea and a snack.
Looking forward to welcoming you ! Bring a friend if you like.
The door is always open !
Co-ordinator: Marita Fröhlich (041-360 3317 or 082 564 3409)

Prayer Group / Gebetskreis

Please contact Marita with your prayer needs.
Co-ordinator: Marita Fröhlich (041-360 3317 or 082 564 3409)

Choir Practise

We join every Friday evening at 18:00 for 1 hour practising our voices and sing occasionally at the divine services.
Co-ordinator: Mercia Fillis (041-367 2788)

Children's Service 2021 /
Kindergottesdienst 2021

All children are invited to our Children’s Services which will be held during English Divine Services on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 09:30 (Children are invited to stay in the Sanctuary during the sermon on other Sundays.)
Co-ordinator: Elizabeth Köpke (
071 637 6372)
Every last Sunday of the month there is a special Family Service, all children are also cordially invited.

Bringing children to church may not always be easy, but as members of the family they are needed by all of us to complete the circle at God’s table. The Body of Christ assembled is incomplete in their absence.